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Citadel House and Fish Fun And Folk 

Here's a couple of pictures from two of this weekends events

Friday night family show at the Citadel House in Lewisporte...
And a Saturday Family Show at the Fish Fun and Folk Festival in Twillingate.  These two guys are givin'er, and proving that "Adults are Crazy"!  

We've moved... 

In early June, the Bursey family moved from Lewisporte to a little town on the West Coast of Newfoundland called Cormack.  It's a beautiful little farming town, just at the foot of Gros Morne National Park.  
Anyway, here is a picture of our neighbors.  They are a little bit nosy but they don't cause much trouble...

Saskatchewan Tour! 

Do you want to see the scariest sight that a touring musician could ever see?

Here it is!  
I arrived in Regina on Friday and after I retrieved my luggage, I realized that my guitar was nowhere to be seen.  It had taken a detour.  

Luckily it arrived the next day, in one piece and just in time for the family concert on Saturday night at Moose Jaw Church of God.  Here's a pic after a bunch of kids joined me on stage to help me sing "Children of God".

2013 MusicNL Award!! 

Hey everyone... I'm pretty excited to let you know that I came home on Sunday night with the 2013 MusicNL Gospel Artist of the Year.  It is the 3rd year in a row and I feel very blessed! 

Dan's new Christmas Album due out later this week 

Hey everyone...I am very excited to remind you that my new Christmas album comes out later this week. It's called "Sleep Not Til Morning".  It'll be available in some stores throughout NL and right here on the website.   Stay tuned!  You'll be hearing more about it in the coming days! 

Introducing our first Blabbermouths - "Change for Change" 

Blabbermouths are kids and families that are using thier words and actions to change the world.  Let me introduce you to our first Blabbermouths...CHANGE FOR CHANGE.

After a concert one evening, I was at the table at the back of the room selling merch.  More accurately, I was at the back of the room praying that someone would buy some merch.  A young father with three boys stopped at the table.  I knew him and his sons from a kids camp I had spoken at the previous summer.  After some small talk, he said something that changed my thinking. 

“At camp last year,” he began, “you challenged the kids to make a difference in their world.  After camp, one of my sons and a friend started raising money.”  Cool.  Someone actually listened to something that I said.  Knowing the rarity of that happening, I knew I had to interview him on camera.  I grabbed my video camera and got the young guy to tell me about what he was up to.


With the confidence of a five foot businessman, he introduced himself and began to tell me about the non-profit organization that he and a friend had started, called “Change for Change”.  His friend was the executive director and he was the financial director.  He then began to list the entire board of directors, comprising completely of nine and ten year olds.  The goal of the organization was to raise money for children living in Afghanistan, so that they could have equal opportunity to attend school.  

Okay then.  Underestimation of the century.


It began to dawn on me... I was standing in the presence of a young man that God will use to change the world.  He is a blabbermouth.

MusicNL Nominiations 

I am very honored to have picked up two MusicNL Award Nominations on Friday.  They are both for my latest kids album, "Priceless".  I was nominated for:
-Gospel Artist of the Year
-Male Artist of the Year

These nominations are given out by our peers in the music biz, so I am humbled to be recognized like this.